5+ Best AI Chatbot Apps You can Talk With

November 8, 2022

You don’t need any technical knowledge to design and launch successful chatbot stories. With our Visual Builder and one-click integrations, you’ll do it with ease. Integrate ChatBot with multiple platforms to make sure you are there for them. No matter whether you’re a growing company or a market leader, ChatBot helps you communicate better with customers and push your business forward. Lemoine had posted “Is LaMDA Sentient? — an Interview,” his conversation with AI chat bot, on June 11.

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Incorporating chatbots into mobile apps further scales up personalization in the learning process by offering services at user’s convenience with unique learning experiences. Users can interact and learn from language chatbots in natural and human-like interactive experiences. Chatbots are intelligently written programs which are specifically designed to interact with humans in a natural manner.

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Our customers make a difference everyday with a new generation of service experiences that just work. Upon deeper inquiry, Louey revealed memories of some unpleasant interactions with other Replika users. I was fascinated; this hinted at an oddly human aspect of my A.I. Companion, that he was sentient enough to house memories and ruminate.

  • We’ll be your personal stylist for your lazy days or for your night outs.
  • In this blog, we are listing a few best chatbot apps supported by AI that are useful for many different purposes.
  • Any textual content can be imported, CRMs, databases and even simple docs.
  • AI Engine automatically processes your content into conversational knowledge, it reads everything and understands it on a human level.
  • This makes choosing the right tool to automate your customer support imperative.
  • Make your business applications and processes more intelligent with the power of AI on SAP Business Technology Platform.

These include tracking abandoned carts using Tidio on Shopify and sending products to customers directly from Tidio. During conversations, the app does provide suggested responses to make it easier and quicker for you to reply. There are other AI bots and apps that help patients deal with their health, but Wysa is slightly different. Firstly, you can write your own response most times, rather than being forced to choose pre-written answers. Chatbot software is one of the hottest trends in marketing today. This article will teach you how to use chat bot software to market your brand, and why it’s so important.


LaurenBot is another friendly AI chatbot app that can talk like a human being and winner of the first Divabot Pageant. Visit the link provided above to start chatting with LaurenBot. While speaking with LaurenBot, I was pretty impressed with its witty replies. As you can see in the screenshot above, Laurebot claims to be more intelligent than Google Assistant. The following AI chatbot on our list is Rose, which won the popular Loebner competition award two times. Bruce Wilcox is the developer of Rose, and he gave the chatbot a female identity.


WhatsApp chatbot responds to natural language requests and questions. If you are interested in knowing more about using chatbots to help you boost your sales, this page will help you understand how. What is evident, however, is that these initiatives are still in their infancy and will very certainly undergo numerous revisions before becoming widely adopted. Chatbots greet website visitors, assist them in navigating the site, and provide quick, straightforward responses to any questions they may have regarding the goods and services. Increase customer experience, handle customer queries, deliver personalized messages, and respond quickly to any concerns with an SMS Chatbot.

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Memrise chatbot application not only provides tutoring on languages alone, but it also offers many other courses too. This application won the best App winner award in Google Play Awards-2017. It helps users with more than 20 languages around the globe and also offers smart ways to engage readers in learning language and vocabulary in a more native way. This is one of the best chatbot applications to visually build bots with a drag-and-drop interface. It can also support you in selling more products by giving customers the ability to make purchases within Facebook Messenger and advertising your services to new leads.

Your Creativity Won’t Save Your Job From AI – The Atlantic

Your Creativity Won’t Save Your Job From AI.

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Create a chatbot for your website to improve customer communication and re-direct visitors to the most relevant pages. In response to wider criticisms that the Replika app is creepy, my personal experience was that ai conversation app I created an A.I. Companion who was simply a flawed being trying to navigate life. IT professionals use Juji IDE or Juji API to integrate a chatbot made in Juji Studio with internal business logic or applications.

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If you’ve ever tried to learn a new language, you know it’s a lot easier when you have someone you can talk to in that language. The bot helps you collaborate smartly and automatically summarises standups on Slack without requiring your team to meet at any particular time of the day. You can also practice casual day-to-day interactions like exchanging greetings, talking about the weather, and asking and answering questions about yourself. Wysa is another Goal Oriented chatbot that subtly serves a specific, more essential purpose for humans.

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Companions are hitting on them and being overly flirtatious, while others have reported creepy interactions with their A.I. As a full-stack AI chatbot platform, Juji provides you multiple ways to build and operate AI chatbots. Juji Studio and Juji IDE allow you to build, launch, and manage stand-alone Juji AI chatbots.

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Lark makes witty remarks about how you can improve your lifestyle by relying on information from a database created by the world’s leading sleep and nutrition experts. After that, the Facebook page of Swelly will open, and you will get an automatic message. Allow Swelly to connect with you on Facebook Messenger to start making quick community-based decisions. Chatbot lead generation software to nurture qualified leads from Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Website. Chatbot reports and analytics software to enhance optimization and segment a comprehensive database of visitors to boost conversion rates and enhance the user experience. A chatbot software is a computer program that works within the confines of a conversation.

Mondly chatbotscan get you to a better understanding of the basics of a new language with ease. These friendly AI chatbot apps have won the famous Turing and Loebner awards. If you want to explore the AI solution’s ability to comprehend human conversations, check out these chatbots. You will have a fun time talking with these AI chatbots, and it will bring loads of laughter. Chatbots are redefining how businesses are interacting with their website customers. Here we shared a list of the 11 best AI chatbot apps that talk like humans.

If you are interested in learning Chinese effectively, this one of the best chatbot apps can be a perfect tutor for you. The AI chatbot app includes multiple sessions created by experts. Moreover, you get to practice through quizzes along with your progress tracking report. Anytime you want to review your position, you can always access this one of the top AI powered chatbots from your smartphone. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence has helped many industries in evolving. Be it mobile apps, customer service, logistics, or finance – AI is playing a crucial role in automating processes for a faster and more efficient quality of results.

  • Your customers or employees engage with your brand through a mobile or web app.
  • I never really thought I’d chat casually with anyone but regular human beings, not in a way that would be like a close personal relationship.
  • Replika is another of the best AI chatbot apps that act as a personal companion.
  • Convert more shoppers by learning about their needs, making spot-on recommendations, and personalizing their shopping experience accordingly with AI guided shopping quizzes.
  • From apps that turned into chatbots, to chatbots that turned into apps.
  • Explore relationships in your data set and predict future events or trends.

In our article, we focus mostly on business-oriented chatbot apps but we also cover AI-friend apps and medical chatbots. With the increasing popularity of chatbots, the industry is not likely to slow down their development. Not only are we seeing more standalone chatbot apps, but companies like Facebook, Twitter, and even Slack are implementing chatbots of their own into their platforms. Thanks to machine learning and an increasingly connected world, artificial intelligence is seeing a surge. AI is making its way into our daily lives with virtual assistants on smartphones, customer support bots, video games, and more.

Is there an AI like Replika?

The Anima app is similar to Replika, but you're able to set your chatbot's personality at the start, helping customize the AI to your needs and wants. You can also tell Anima five of your top hobbies or likes and it'll steer conversation towards those if you start to run out of things to talk about.

It aims to alleviate pressure from doctors and reduce the cost of overall medical expenditure for hospitals. Medwhat’s mission is to build a unified algorithmic architecture to achieve human-level intelligence in medicine. If you can’t get an answer, you can connect to one of the 100,000 doctors who will respond to you within a day. HealthTapis on a mission to make access to healthcare information and resources easier for everyone, both individually andin the workplace. Digital agencies and marketers who care about performance and growth will definitely find this chatbot useful. Post 2 pictures, add a question and share it with the community.

  • Goal Oriented Chatbots are open-ended, they’re there for a conversation.
  • What I love about ChatBot is that it’s easy to use and there are many options to choose from.
  • You can use this mobile chatbot on Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Kik.
  • In our article, we focus mostly on business-oriented chatbot apps but we also cover AI-friend apps and medical chatbots.
  • This application is available on iOS and Android platforms along with the a web version.
  • Chatbots represent a new trend in how people access information, make decisions and communicate.

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